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20 Best Law Firm Website Designs from Around The Web

Closeup Photo Of Gavel In Law Firm Website Design

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

As a lawyer, you understand the power of a good representation. And you would probably agree that a good law firm website design translates to a good online representation. Without a doubt, a nice-looking website helps give you that positive first impression.

But if you think creativity does not have a place in the legal field, think again. To reach potential clients, law firms, whatever their size, need to have a persuasive online presence.  These days, visual web design and user experience may be what it takes to sign in a new client.

Whether you’re looking for the best law firm website design companies, or you’re gathering  inspiration for your law firm’s website design,  here are  the 20 best law firm website designs from around the web.

1. law Group

Modern and progressive is how YLaw Group describes their legal practice. Focusing exclusively on family law and its latest trends, the firm’s personality is evident in its law firm website design. Witty copy, interesting images, and contact details call out to potential clients in a lighthearted way.

2.  W3IP Law

Specializing in IP and digital law matters, W3IP Law website greets visitors with a video that explains their services. With its law firm website design, you can’t help but deduce their familiarity on data and technology. Navigation is made easy because readers would only have to select from Protect, Respond, or Commercialize to guide them to the firm’s service offerings.

3. White & Case

White & Case is an international law firm that ensures its global reach is communicated, including through their law firm website design. The website’s  features and structure makes sure that their visitors can easily find the information they are looking for. Their People Search feature allows the visitor to find attorneys based on their location and legal service needs.

4. Tremain Artaza

With its calm and reassuring main page, Tremain Artaza makes legal matters seem uncomplicated. The simplicity of the web design and tranquil photographs put the readers at ease.  While the comprehensive FAQ page lets readers know that the firm is serious about their work. They promise honest treatment, clear advice and smart strategies.

5. Robbins Firm

Robbins Firm shows a display of confidence with their copy and original cartoon drawings on their website. Specializing in complex legal issues, their law firm website design isn’t shy about their firm’s legal prowess. And they back this up with a convincing Raves and Results page in their website.

6. Quinn Emanuel

Knowing how to win, Quinn Emanuel is another confident website that uses simple web designs with a powerful copy. Confidence is key to the overall look and feel of their law firm website design. They don’t just proclaim that they are a ‘Global Force’ or ‘Most Feared’,  they back up their litigation claims with numbers, client testimonials and notable victories.

7. Offshore Injury Firm

Featuring an offshore oil rig, with animated waters, the website of Arnold & Itkin LLP proclaims that they are leaders in maritime law. Their law firm website design communicates their niche through blue waters and hues.

As maritime injury attorneys, they are able to communicate their leadership in this field  by mentioning their representation of the largest maritime disaster in history.

8. Lash & Goldberg LLP

Singular focus is what Lash & Goldberg LLP drives on their website, and this is well achieved. The best law firm website design companies are able to help their clients communicate a key idea to their readers.

Their law firm website design is free of clutter but filled with useful information, such as case studies in the key industries they practice in, and recent recognitions.

9. Hodgson Russ LLP

Hodgson Russ LLP presents their web page links through partitioned photos that helps break monotony. Their law firm website design allows users to easily find the information they are looking for. And the clean and direct feel of the site affirms their claim of readiness to respond to your legal needs.

10. Bhatt Law Group

Bhatt Law Group does well with its web design using a combination of contrasting colours in orange and black.  The main page lets readers know of its three types of law specializations. With attorney photos accompanying these, you feel like you’ve already met your legal team.

11. West Coast Trial Lawyers

Claiming as the #1 Personal Injury firm in Los Angeles is West Coast Trial Lawyers. Their law firm website design does them justice by use of prominent numbers. Looking through their site, you can’t help but be impressed with the amount of dollars won, and the enumeration of what clients can expect from them.

12. Cheshire Non-Profit Law 

Neutral colours give Cheshire Non-Profit Law’s website a dependable, warm feeling. It’s  a very fitting web design with their focus on nonprofit organizations. As with most sites on this list, theirs is also simple and easy to navigate.

13. Turks Legal

Embodying their brand personality in their law firm website design, TurksLegal has an unmistakable corporate feel to it. Given that they specialise in insurance, commercial and banking law, it makes sense that the website is very organized. Playing  with the contrast of colors,  the links to their other pages are easy to figure out.

14. TSMP Law

TSMP Law takes pride in its people, showcasing profile photos of them throughout the website. The firm is able to showcase their expertise through relevant news articles that provide readers with legal insights on everyday news and issues. These content are made accessible throughout the site, which is definitely a good practice not just for web design but also for  user retention.

15. Wallmans Lawyers

The idea of expert advice and human approach is what Wallmans Lawyers advocate in their website. Their law firm website design uses grayscale and blue highlights. And through this color combination they showcase a personal insight to their attorneys’ bios.

16.  Therrien Couture Joli-Coeur

What we most like about Therrien Couture Joli-Coeur is its focus on the client’s needs. The best law firm website design companies understand that user experience should be the primary focus of web design.

TCJ’s home page immediately asks about their visitor and what they are looking for. Aside from a good law firm website design, it’s also a good thing that the site is available in English and French so there’s no language barrier.

17.  DivorceOnlineUtah

If there’s one thing their web design communicates, it’s that DivorceOnlineUtah knows about divorce in Utah. With an offering for a full divorce kit on their main page, their credentials and statistics help assure the readers that the firm’s service will get them through the difficult divorce process.

18. Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence

If you’re searching for representation in criminal law, it would take just one look at Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence’s website, and you’ll know. Using the intimidating elements of a grey wall and confident women in power suits, you know they’re the kind of attorneys you would want to fight for your rights. This grit is reflected throughout the website, including the lawyer’s bios.

19. Mathews Group

A domestic litigation firm, Mathews Group greets its visitors with an offer for a no-cost consultation. This is presented along a backdrop of a road and its accolades. It’s a refreshing approach for a law firm website who believes that your lawyer should not be a source of increased stress.

20. Boyce Law Firm, LLP

Boyce Law Firm, LLP has a lot of legal practice areas, but it keeps its homepage clean with interesting photos like the one above, which is also a fresh web design take for law firms. The other pages also have a clean look to them, and we especially enjoy reading about the firm’s history in their About page.

Conclusion on law firm website design

As you might have already noticed, we’re partial to a web design that is simple yet effective. As a law firm, you would want to put your clients’ needs at the forefront of your law firm website design.

Building credibility is also essential, and there are several ways of doing these. Attorney bios, credentials and testimonials are just a few of what these successful websites used. Find what works for you, but keep it authentic and personal.

With these websites as your inspiration, you’re now better equipped to approach any law firm website design company and talk to them about your company’s needs. To ensure the effectiveness of your site, we recommend that you choose an agency that can give you  both a law firm website design and SEO services.

Feel free to send us a message so we can discuss more about your law firm’s specific website design requirements.

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