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How Much Does Website Copywriting Cost in the UK?

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In the UK, there are a lot of choices when it comes to services for your website copywriting needs. But before you select someone to write your website text for you,  it’s just fitting to ask ‘How much does copywriting cost in the UK?

With website copywriting prices adding to your expenses, you might even be considering writing your own website copy yourself.  And you probably can.

Just keep in mind that your web design needs to be accompanied by appropriate words in order to call out to your visitors. You also wouldn’t want to ruin your customer’s experience in your website through a poor copy.

And without the proper words, you might not be able to explain the benefits of your products or services. Which is why there is value in working with a website content writing company or a freelancer who is knowledgeable in your field. If you have a law firm, for example, it’s best to find those with experience in Law Firm Content Writing.

Furthermore, words have power. They can persuade visitors to a sale. Used properly, your copy can also be used as a valuable tool in Content Marketing to gain more traffic to your site.

The good thing is, your options are not limited to the countless web design and web solutions agencies in the UK. A Google search will reveal there are even more freelance writers who specialize in website copy, online marketing and SEO.

Website copywriting prices in the UK

Most of the design agencies and copywriters will not publish their rates online but will give you a quote for their services when you contact them.

When you’ve compiled all your options, you still have to be aware of the costs of each copywriting component. From here you can decide whether these services would be useful to your company’s website:

1. Website Copywriting and SEO

If you want to reach your target market, it’s important to appear on the first page of search results. To do that, you would need content that is better than the other options out there. At least from the search engines’ perspectives.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Digital commerce agencies can charge starting from £399 for the initial audit and updates. They can continue the service with optional SEO maintenance at £99 per month.

In a survey by Procopywriters, it was found that 50% of UK copywriters charge a project fee, 47% of copywriters charge by the hour, and 6% charge per word.

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For a better view on website copywriting prices, you can look at per-project setups. This also allows you more control on costs. A copywriter may charge £350 for basic blog management (four articles per month). For a one-off article, it would cost about £75-£125.

Press releases are usually the cheapest in other parts of the world. In the UK, a freelance website copywriter may charge from £250 per release. You can also have your guides, product and sales pages written with SEO in mind.

Just remember that finding the cheapest rates out there will not guarantee you SEO success. SEO requires strategy and good quality content and it is not achieved at the drop of the hat.

2. Website Copywriting for Landing Pages

It pays to allocate budget and attention to your landing page because this part of your website carries a lot of value for your business. It’s where a visitor “lands” after they click on a link in an email or ads.

Landing pages can generate leads for you, allow your users to register to an event, or call your readers to some other action. Ultimately, the goal of landing pages is to progress your visitors towards becoming paying customers.

The average website copywriting prices for professional landing pages will cost between  £200-£350.

3. PPC Copywriting

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To drive more traffic to your site, you may have already looked into PPC (Pay per click) advertising.

This kind of advertising allows you to place ads in strategic places online and you pay a fee only when the ad is clicked by a visitor. Since PPC targets people who searched for terms related to your business, it will help you reach more qualified leads. These are people who are most likely to purchase your products or services.

A PPC copywriter has to gain a clear understanding of your product in order to develop a compelling and actionable ad copy. This should include not only your designated keyword but also your unique selling points.

PPC copywriting is priced from £450 for the initial strategy and implementation. If you want to sustain the project, it could cost from £300 per month. The work involves writing ad copy for searches, social media, and websites.

Most agencies do not offer this as a standalone service though, as they would prefer a more comprehensive management service for your PPC campaign.

4. Email Copywriting

If you’re not yet sold on the idea of sending emails to your potential customers, consider this: US research has shown that email marketing generates returns of $44 for every $1 spent.

That said, you would want your investment to be done properly. Email copywriting may start at £59 per month. You may also find a freelancer or website content writing company who computes this per email.

Your email can take the form of an article, newsletter, survey or offer.

Aside from in-depth research, your copywriter should be able to carry out email testing. This ensures there will be no hitches upon launch.


Your copy plays a vital role in your website. It gives your brand a voice in order to talk to your visitors. With the points above, make sure that you are not just paying for words, but also the research and experience that goes with these.

Therefore, the investment on website copywriting costs could very well be one of the more important decisions you can make about creating your website.

How much does copywriting cost in the UK?

It’s a bit tricky to instantly determine website copywriting costs in the UK because there are just a handful of agencies that publish their rates online.

Website copywriting prices can be determined by the type and scope of your requirements. And you can also choose to hire a website content writing company, a web design agency or a freelance copywriter.

All of these factors make the website copywriting prices highly variable. As a rough estimate, the average cost for website copywriting services may fall between £59 to £22,000 per page.

If you are in other parts of the world, make sure to find out the website copywriting costs in your area. As some local options may cause differences, for example in copywriting costs in Australia from copywriting costs in Singapore.

To get a customised quote for your company’s website copywriting needs, get in touch with us today!

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