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Instagram Business Account Cards In Between Fingers

With almost everyone on social media, it just makes sense that your business should also be.  If you haven’t considered signing up for an Instagram business account yet, you might already be missing out.

With over a billion active users, 90% of these users follow a business account.  So it’s important to understand how to use Instagram for business and learn how to create posts that showcase your brand products and services.

How to use Instagram for business

To be able to use Instagram to your brand’s advantage, understanding the platform is key.  Since it is a photo and video sharing app, posts are highly visual. However,  it takes more than visual appeal to ensure your Instagram success.

Like in all marketing campaigns, strategy plays a vital role. A thorough competitor analysis can also give you insights on opportunities that your brand can take advantage of. For highly specialized fields or businesses, like a law firm, it may also take a different kind of expertise to manage your social media.

While business owners can definitely implement their own social media marketing campaign, it can also be beneficial to work with an agency that offers Digital Marketing Services.

Whether you’re new to Instagram or have been using the platform for a while, let’s look at 9 points on how to promote your products and services:

1. Set up and optimise your Instagram account

Hubspot Instagram Account

Hubspot (@hubspot) Instagram account

With limited characters of 150, your Instagram bio should do a good job of giving your brand introduction. Use the characters wisely, making sure you include a landing page with it since this is the only place you can feature a clickable link.

Consider signing for a business rather than a personal account. An Instagram business account can be really useful, with its added features of contact information and category (shows people what you do). It also offers call-to-action buttons to allow users to make purchases or reservations from your profile.

2. Be consistent with your brand personality

Before choosing beautiful content, make sure it is aligned with how you want your market to see your brand.

Your Instagram business account should fully embody your brand’s personality. This means your brand is visible through the colours, voice tone, and other elements of your content.

3. Work on getting real followers for your Instagram business account

You may already be wondering how to increase Instagram followers for business.

Instagram Meme Of A Statue Wondering About Followers

Meme by Dan Raaf on Medium

It may take a lot more effort, but remember that you build engagement and loyalty with real followers. It’s not enough that you have a clear understanding of your brand, but it’s also essential that you know who your target market is.

Ultimately, conversion should be your goal. By working on awareness and engagement of your target market, you are able to effectively move them along their customer value journey through your Instagram business account.

4. Avoid the hard sell

According to Hubspot, social media has gained a lot of impact on buying decisions

Considering there are a lot of influencers on this platform, Instagram’s social culture still stays on the subtle side when it comes to promoting products and services.

Provide content that has value to your followers. Try to present your product in a creative way that does not scream ‘buy me!’ After all, who would want to follow an account that only pushes for sales?

5. Know your hashtags

By identifying with one or several hashtags, your content is now linked and more discoverable on Instagram. Make sure that you use words and phrases that are relevant to your brand. Use tools for data analysis like Iconosquare to find popular hashtags.

Neil Patel recommends the use of one or more hashtags. Though he cautions on the use of more than 5, as engagement decreases on these posts.

Free hashtag tool Display Purpose can already provide quality and relevant options for your posts. Or you can turn to data analysis apps like Iconosquare for more in-depth data, like the number of searches for each hashtag.

6. Offer promotions on your Instagram business account

The chance to get freebies may be all it takes to gain more engagement from your followers. Based on how you design your contest or promotions, you can also take this opportunity to have them tell your friends about your brand.

Bonuses, exclusive offers and special announcements can create extra excitement for your Instagram business account. It can also make your followers act as ambassadors for your brand.

And all it takes is that one merchandise, discount or some other prize you already have at your disposal.

7. Pay attention to your captions

Instagram may be highly visual, but words still have power.

An effective call-to-action may be what it takes to seal that purchase. Or a question may spark the conversation that builds to more engagement.

Instagram Caption Length Study

Graph by Later

Recently, there has also been a shift towards longer captions. In their study, Later and Fohr discovered that ‘the average caption length has more than doubled since 2016, and those with longer captions got the most engagement’.

With ‘time spent on post’ being one of the factors that affect the performance of your post in the platform’s algorithm, it’s time to to take advantage of the 2,200 characters available.

8. Respond to your followers

Acknowledging your followers shows how invested you are in a conversation with them. It shows that you value their follows, comments, likes, mentions or posts about you.

Reach out with a simple thank you, a sincere comment or maybe feature their post on your feed!

9. Have eyes for beautiful content

Original Penguin Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed by Original Penguin (@originalpenguin)

In Instagram, it’s your photo or video that will grab your viewer’s attention. Having beautiful, strategic content will be your foundation in this platform.

So it’s important you understand basic photography concepts such as lighting, focus, contrasts and lines of direction. Look for interesting perspectives, and make sure there is a variety to keep things interesting.

In addition, make sure you always keep Instagram’s square format in mind. A landscape photo may not look as appealing when presented in a 612 x 612 pixels frame.

You can look into Instagram filters or use photo editing tools like Snapseed and VSCO. For videos, GoPro has a free tool called Splice that allows for cuts, transitions, and music.

Lastly, experiment the content types your market responds to the most. It could be videos, Instagram stories, memes, quotes, user-generated content or IGTV. For your videos, check to see if your followers prefer long-form content or short and snappy clips. These are just some ideas that you could explore for your Instagram business account.


Because of its visual culture, Instagram offers an opportunity to capture the attention of a business’s target market. Clearly, an Instagram business account can be a valuable tool to promote your brand products and services.

While it’s tempting to focus on how to increase Instagram followers for business, your target market should still be the primary consideration for your posts. Keep in mind that stories are created mainly by photos or videos, and these are the tools to convince them in this platform.

Using Instagram for business

Learning how to use Instagram for business will allow you to communicate to your market in a personal and visual way. It’s another venue to make sure that your brand remains at the top of mind of your customers.

With the points above, it’s now up to you to create Instagram posts to showcase your brand’s products and services. To help you in planning your Instagram posts, we recommend using a social media scheduling app so you can save on time and effort.

To know more about how The Optimizr can help you grow your business through Social Media Marketing, get in touch with us today.

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