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Law Firm Website Design Trends To Lookout For in 2020

Man Experimenting On Law Firm Website Design With Brushes

Photo by Alice Dietrich on Unsplash

This year, you might be looking to build your law firm’s website, or if you already have one, thinking of giving it an overhaul.   As you might already know,  an outdated-looking law firm website design won’t do any good for your company’s credibility.  Like your legal practice, you want your website to look sharp and ready to win.

But website design trends come and go. And you wouldn’t want your law firm website to look out of style a few months after building it. Aside from hiring the best law firm web design company that you can work with, it’s important to know which of the trends work well with your law firm website.

There are several law firm websites around the world that are showing how it’s done. To add your law firm website to these successful companies, here are 9  law firm website design trends to look out for in 2020:

Law firm web design trend #1:  White Space Frames

Web design by Medium 

For quite some time, full-bleed layouts have reigned supreme. However, more and more users are appreciating how white space gives breathing room for their eyes.

This is one of the website design trends that work well for content-heavy law firm websites. Studies have shown that white spaces increase the reader’s comprehension of content by almost 20%.

Readers will benefit from white space frames when they browse through your blog articles. Also, you would want to have your potential clients to have an understanding of your services and terms, right?

If you’re looking for white space frame inspiration, check out the websites of Medium, Apple, Dropbox, and Squarespace.

Law firm web design trend #2:  Dark Mode Design

Photo by Harish Jonnalagadda on Android Central

On the opposite side of the spectrum is the dark mode option.

Recently, WhatsApp also joined the bandwagon by offering dark mode in their app.  As user preference for darker shade rises, web designers are now creating sites with this aesthetic.

This trend may also apply to your law firm’s website. Dark interfaces, paired with bright accent elements, makes reading easier for your visitors.

Law firm web design trend #3:  Artistic Illustrations

Web design by Robbins Firm 

More progressive law firms like Robbins Firm have already adapted artistic illustrations on their web design. Going further with this website design trend, Coastal Creative describes multimedia portraits: a collaboration of photos and illustrations on your website.

With their bold and multi-dimensional images, these fun mixtures are effective in making site visitors see beyond reality. It shows a less serious side to your law firm and helps potential clients explore possibilities with your services.

Law firm web design trend #4:  Liquid Animation

Web design by 1Minus1 

Liquid animation is an excellent way to transition your page elements through a water-like motion. Design Modo cites this as one of the website design trends to look out for, as it’s growing in popularity among portfolio websites.

For example, design agency 1Minus1 uses ‘cinematography where it combines still and moving images with liquid animation.

Law firm web design trend #5:  Contrasted Serif Fonts

Graphic by Mobiteam on Medium 

In their article for Medium Mobiteam notes that Serif fonts have undergone transformation throughout the years.

They say that contrasted serif fonts remain one of the favorite choices of web designers because of the sensation of clarity. When the sharp and edgy corners are highlighted, the text seems more modern and alive.

Look to contrasted serif fonts for your law firm website to send your message in a clear and confident tone.

Law firm web design trend #6:  Duotone

Web design by Australian Design Radio 

In terms of color schemes in website design trends, Hubspot predicts that duotone is a style to watch out for in 2020.

By mixing two tones together, the finished product gives your law firm website a contemporary look, which could very well go with a law firm’s brand’s personality.

Law firm web design trend #7:  Web Accessibility

Web accessibility is the practice of making sure your website can be used by all, and this includes differently-abled individuals.

Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act has long been a legal requirement for government and publicly funded institutions.

How this translates to web design and development is something we will have to look forward to. In a highly visual format, how can you make sure that content like infographics can be available to those who can’t see them?

But as companies are facing lawsuits for not making their websites accessible, web owners and developers must take action. With owning a law firm website, it is necessary to comply with these legal requirements should they be implemented in your area.

Law firm web design trend #8:  Being local

Technology has become very good at keeping track of our location. In his article, Neil Patel discusses the importance of local SEO for your website.

With a lot of searches being local, it is just essential that your law firm website copywriting is geared towards being visible to searches of your potential clients. To support your copy, the design of your website should feel familiar to your target market.

With more interest in locality, the use of photos showcasing the town or city the law firm operates in is now quite popular.  Also, the use of design elements that are particular to your location (town symbols, signs, logos) will let you keep up with this trend.

Law firm web design trend #9:  Focus on content

Content plays a key role in your visitor’s user experience, and this is where the website design should be anchored on.

Producing and maintaining quality content on your website will give value to your visitors’ time. Your content should be able to address their needs whether they’re looking for information, options, or other legal requirements.

Furthermore, with ever-evolving SEO trends, web design trends also change quickly. Site navigation and links have to be reviewed to make sure that the user has a seamless experience. In the same way, these design elements have to be checked for consistency in your web design.


As law firm website design trends keep changing through the years, it would be wise to keep the focus on content and user experience. These, and fully understanding your law firm’s identity should guide you in using the techniques appropriate for your law firm website.

Hiring an agency for your law firm’s website design can then be a good move. With their experience in web design, the best law firm web design company would be able to create a website that’s both stylish and functional.

Get in touch with us today so we can work with you in building your law firm website !

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