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8 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Website Design With UX Principles

Man Planning A Web Design On White Paper

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

User experience is a metric that’s difficult to measure, but it’s one of the most important factors for your website design. As a business owner, you would want potential customers to be able to navigate your website with ease and convenience.

Having a good website design is equivalent to providing your customers with good service when they come to your physical store or office. Entrepreneur magazine states that user experience can be synonymous with customer service. And with good customer service comes sales opportunities and customer satisfaction.

So whether you are taking the time to design or redesign your website, looking for the best web design company, or collecting web page design ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips on how to incorporate UX principles to give your visitors a better experience.

1. Think of your users when creating your web design

The way you use your product may not be the same way your market uses it. In the same way, the manner in which you navigate your website may not be the same as your users.

Therefore it is essential that you understand your customer profile and incorporate their needs in your web page design. Who are they and where do they come from? What are their needs and what are they trying to accomplish on your website?

By understanding these points, you’ll be able to communicate with them through words that are familiar to them. And you’ll be able to use elements in your web design that would lead them to the solutions they are looking for.

If they are looking for options, a catalog website design could work well for them. If they are searching for information, provide them with relevant articles based on your expertise. Make sure that their needs are the primary consideration for your web page design.

2. Play with colors in your web design

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Colour is a deciding factor when it comes to purchases. In an article by Quick Sprout, they said that colour accounts for 85% of the motivation for sales.

So by knowing what emotions each of the colors evoke, you can effectively create each web page design.

For example, most people would see sophistication in the color black, whereas they associate loneliness with the color grey. If you want to invoke a feeling of dependability from your users, it’s best to use blue tones in your website design.

Most website designers recommend keeping your palette minimal by sticking to 2 or 3 main colors in your web design. This could also help maintain your brand recognition.

3. Choose your fonts

Graphic by Neil Patel

For your visitors to be able to interact with your website, they should be able to read what’s on it. So readability should be your primary consideration when selecting your fonts for your web design. It’s important to choose fonts that are easy to read, rather than just pretty from a glance.

And remember that just like colors, fonts have the power to evoke emotions. Web page designs that use serif fonts are usually associated with tradition and those with sans serifs are linked to modernity.

You can review available fonts from Google’s compilation, and see how your text will look on your web page design.

4. Design using familiar things

Most of us will probably recognize the functions of design elements like shopping carts, the notification bell, thumbs up, and heart icons. We interact with these web design elements intuitively because their uses are basically the same on most websites and apps.

Your web page design should capitalize on these familiar things to guide your users through your website. These would allow them to navigate through your website with confidence and eliminate any confusion.

5. Opt for simple web designs

Usually, a simpler option would be more convenient for the user. Paul Boag describes how Uber kept its app and web designs simple to provide solutions to complicated commuting problems. And this was their key to building their user base.

Simplicity can also give you a classic look. If you’re considering several creative web page design ideas, opt for the most straightforward one. Without the presence of elements that risk being outdated, you’ll be able to keep your website design for a longer time.

6. Review your visual hierarchy

In order to create a visual hierarchy in your web design, the most important content should call the attention of your reader. This can be done through a well-written header, a highlighted call-to-action, an interesting photo or graphic.

7. Allow for page scanning

Graphic by Envato Tuts+ 

After you’ve captured the attention of your audience, it’s now important to allow them to easily scan through the information on your website.

Envato recommends a Z-pattern for website design, wherein the most significant element is at the top left corner of the page. From here, the reader’s eye will move to the left then diagonally down towards the left bottom part of the page. Finally, the eye will glide towards the lower right-hand part of your web page design.

8. Revisit your Information Architecture

Graphic by Neil Patel 

More than the visual hierarchy of each page, your website’s architecture should be well-organized.

This means that the web content is laid out in such a way that it makes sense for your user. From the primary navigation to the submenus, the web page design structure should be logical. This will not only benefit your users but the search engines (and ultimately your business) as well.


Creativity in website design is good only if it is partnered with UX principles. Any web design agency can offer you an array of creative web page design ideas that are attractive to look at, but the best web design company takes your users’ experience into account.

Your customers’ experience during the time they spend on your website will determine whether they will continue transacting with your company online, or whether they should find better options.

With these website design ideas, you can now explore how you can apply UX principles in your own website.

If you want to find out more about how UX design principles can help your business website design, feel free to send us a message.

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