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What Are Internal Links And How You Can Use Them To Improve Your Website SEO

Woman from an SEO agency preparing internal links plan for a website

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

As a website owner, you’re always on the lookout to gain more traffic on your website. You might be wondering if there are tools already at your disposal to achieve this. Or if you need to hire an agency that offers SEO services.

So you may have already heard about internal links. What is internal linking? And how can you use them to improve your website SEO?

An internal link is a hyperlink that connects one page to another within the same website. Since it is internal, the source and target page are in the same domain. So, in effect,  you are guiding your reader through the pages within your website.

Given that the reader is already on your website, how could using internal links improve your SEO?

In a case study by Ninja Outreach, they found that internal linking can increase traffic by over 40%. Without any other optimization or SEO services efforts at the time of the study, they set out to make the crawling experience easier for search engine robots from the main content pages.

It was established that internal linking strengthens the overall SEO value of your website. If you’re hiring an SEO agency, these should be included in their SEO services. Not only do internal links create the paths for spiders, but it allows a prolonged session for your users as well.

Using internal links strategically will enable you to send page authority to important pages. Also known as PageRank score, this algorithm may no longer be visible. But it SEO experts and SEO services providers still continue to keep this in mind, as it remains part of Google’s ranking system. 

Capitalizing on the usefulness of internal links, let’s look at how we can use them to improve your website’s SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the practice of optimizing your website to gain more traffic through organic means. The goal of SEO services and efforts is to increase your site’s visibility through placing in the search engine rankings.

Clearly, there are also many benefits of SEO for small businesses as it gives them an opportunity to appear on their customer’s organic searches.  It’s another route that a business can take other than paid advertising. But regardless of a company’s size, SEO allows you to connect to your market and should be practiced by businesses.

Here are ways to use internal links to improve website SEO:

1. Build your SEO-friendly site architecture with internal links

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

It’s all about balancing how Google and your users find what they need on your website. From your main navigation page, you should know how links are formed to connect major pages to each subsection.

From here, you’ll be able to discover the map you’ve created with your own links to and from your other content.  You’ll then have an idea of why some pages are ranking well. And why some are not.

With the understanding of the flow of your website,  you can now make appropriate changes.

2. Use internal links for a better reader experience

Your reader should be the primary concern when it comes to your internal links. With these, you are guiding them to useful information, thereby providing value to them.

User engagement is increased as they spend more time and view more pages on your website.  Content links communicate to both the search engine and the user that the content you’re linking to is really good.  With this action, you are helping your reader and your SEO.

The Search Journal Engine suggests organizing content around topics. This is good SEO services practice because this way, you can prioritize what gets top-level focus. And not be too concerned that some content are multiple clicks deep.

3. Share your homepage juice

Graphic by Neil Patel 

Most likely, your homepage has the most authority on your entire website. It usually has more links than your second most-linked to page. Pages that need more ranking could then be linked strategically from your homepage.

4. Revive old pages

An old article from maybe a year ago can be rich in content that is still relevant now.  Surely, you have new articles where you can internally link to.  Without producing new content, you were able to generate more internal links.

5. Link deep

In his article, Neil Patel says that the best links are found deep within the structure of a site. So make sure to strengthen internal pages. Rather than pointing more internal links towards the homepage. He also advises against linking to the ‘Contact us’ page unless absolutely necessary.

6. Use anchor texts wisely

It’s best to use descriptive keywords in anchor text that give readers an idea what the source page is trying to target. You’ve already determined that valuable information is linked to your anchor text. Make sure that the reader knows that as well.

To keep things interesting and diverse, make sure to use different anchor texts each time.

7. Create more content

Obviously, in order to link to more content, you need more content. Keep writing more quality articles because that’s the foundation of SEO.  Do the hard work, or you can have someone do SEO services for you.

Make sure to review your existing articles every so often to look for opportunities for internal links.

Internal links strengthen your SEO efforts by giving structure to the website and flow to the reader’s visit.  These are useful tools that could help improve your website SEO, and you should make sure they are part of your SEO services. A good SEO agency can help you reap the benefits of SEO for small businesses.

Now that you know what is internal linking, it’s time to to take advantage (without overdoing it) of it. Doing so will be good for your SEO, as it benefits you, the search engine spiders, and your readers.

Let’s talk more about how internal linking can help your business. Feel free to get in touch with us for a personalized discussion.

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